Virunga Milk Easter Egg


Virunga Milk 55%
You really won’t want to share this single origin chocolate Easter egg from Explore Chocolate, and we won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

Made using carefully selected cacao grown in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. Our Virunga Milk contains more cocoa than standard Milk Chocolate, making it more flavoursome and uses less sugar making it better for you!

Carefully open the delicate, handmade packaging to uncover a unique piece of chocolate art. Experience the deeply complex aroma before the snap of perfectly tempered milk chocolate.

Let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth as waves of complex and complementary flavours flow across your taste buds.

This Easter egg has been meticulously hand crafted from freshly roasted cocoa beans by Michelin trained chef Matthew Green, using cacao from a women’s cooperative in Virunga National Park, D.R Congo. Virunga is home to the last mountain gorillas and proceeds of this cacao contribute to the conservation of this habitat.

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