Tresuro Oscuro 70% Easter Egg


Tresuro 70% Suitable for everyone, made for you.

Wait until the kids have gone to bed before you dive into this single estate chocolate Easter egg from Explore Chocolate. Made using carefully selected single plantation Colombian cacao and organic cane sugar.

Carefully open the delicate, handmade packaging to uncover a unique piece of chocolate art. Experience the deeply complex aroma before the snap of perfectly tempered dark chocolate.

Let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth as waves of complex and complementary flavours flow across your taste buds.

This Easter egg has been meticulously hand crafted from freshly roasted cocoa beans by Michelin trained chef Matthew Green, using cacao from the estate of Lucilla Martinez Palacio. Her farm in Colombia is located at Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where cacao is grown sustainably, in harmony with Bananas, Oranges, Zapote and Coffee.

Dairy free, vegan friendly and made without emulsifiers.

Size 160x100x100mm
Weight approx 200-250g

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