Festive 12 Chocolate Selection Box


Indulge yourself this Christmas with our 12 Chocolate Festive Selection.

We’ve selected 6 of our favourite festive flavour combinations, and popped 2 of each in a box for you to share or keep all to yourself!

Lose yourself in the irresistibly creamy/crunchy White Chocolate Baileys Cheesecake. Our Christmas Cake is full of chewy and soft booze soaked fruits, whilst the Dark Chocolate Brandy Ganache has a velvet texture. How about a Gingerbread Latte? Ours has locally roasted coffee and freshly baked gingerbread, expertly ground into a white chocolate filling. And there’s more, but don’t take our word for it. Try one for yourself!

As always, everything is made in house completely from scratch. We start with raw cocoa beans and end up with these beautiful filled chocolates. These new 12 chocolate boxes have been custom made to house our chocolates with no wasted space or materials and are completely plastic free. They look smaller than our previous boxes but you get exactly the same amount of chocolate in them!

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