Flavour 12 Chocolate Selection Box


Indulge your senses with our new artisan chocolate selection boxes.

Our Flavour box contains a perfect mix of white, milk and dark chocolate bon bons filled with sumptuous home grown and faraway ingredients.

Experience the joy of superb single origin chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla paired with freshly zested and juiced Valencia Oranges, Blackberries foraged from our own hedgerows as well as Raspberries and Apples grown in Linda’s Garden.

As always, everything is made in house completely from scratch. We start with raw cocoa beans and end up with these beautiful filled chocolates. These new 12 chocolate boxes have been custom made to house our chocolates with no wasted space or materials and are completely plastic free. They look smaller than our previous boxes but you get exactly the same amount of chocolate in them!
Box of 12 chocolates contains 2 of each flavour. Perfect for sharing, or keeping all to yourself!

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